Y'all come in and scope out Funky B's place. This is the guide to JIVE, FUNK, BLAXPLOITATION, and most importantly, STICKIN' IT TO THE MAN.

Ever since the beginning, brothers ain't got nothin' but the worst jive from the Man. But they started beating him at his own game so he had to change it. This page, and other pages Funky B. links to are just proof that the Man ain't gonna keep brothers down.

Check it out y'all.Funky B's been gone fo' a while. But, he's black now, and ready to fix dis shits up. It's a bit outdated, and brothas be writin' him all da time. He'll be doin' his best to keep the postin's up to date and makin' this page moe FUNKIA dan eva. So, sit tieet, y'all. Changes is on da way.


Dat's what y'all is gonna say when you check on dis. Funky B. jes landed on dis about 2 minutes ago and he still ain't sho it's right. We be jivin' about


Dat's right y'all, da official Sanford and Son site. Y'all aware dat Sanford and Son be THE FUNKIEST show eva to funk up our airwaves. Redd Foxx did to TV what George Clinton and Bootsy did fo' grooves.
Funky B ain't had a chance to scope it all out ta see if it's legit. He wanted to funk y'all up wif da news first. If it's triflin', he'll let y'all know. DAMN!


Y'all know Sanford and Son be as funky as Bootsy. Well, Funky B. pretty damn close too. In tryin' to keep funk alive in all media, Funky B workin' on gittin' himself a television show. Now, y'all ain't so dumb as to fink dem whitey's at any of da networks, includin' da WB (Wiggas finkin' dey Black) o' UPN (U Po' Niggas--here some lame shows fo' y'all) is gonna give Funky B. his own show. Naw, he gots to take da low road. Workin' his way up from public access. He knows it's triflin', but dere ain't no alternative. So, if y'all on da Souf side of Chicago, (o' anywhere else in da general 'hood of Chi-town) look fo' Funky B. funkin' up yo' public access station and makin' yo' life that much moe FUNKY!


Grooves have always been a source of power for brothers. They keep brothers together and keep brothers hopeful. The funk grooves started in the '60s but were most prevelant during the '70s. Cats of all kind make the funk, and there are different purposes for making the funk. One thing is almost always the same though--you can get down with any funk song.

For all y'all out dere dat don't really know what's goin' on wit da FUNK GROOVES, check out dis book

Yeah, dat's right. It's Rickey Vincent's FUNK: The MUSIC, the PEOPLE and the RHYTHM of THE ONE. Fo' all y'all dat fink EVERYFING is "da bomb." Dis book will teach you what da bomb really is AND everyfang else you need to know about FUNK! I know a lot of your brothas and sistas is illiterate (no fanks to da man) but, dis is yo' reason to git yo'self educated. I gaurantee it's worf it.

Sly and the Family Stone were some original funksters. Sly is one crazy dude, but his brand of soul-funk was extremely groovable. The Man won't allow no Funk Hall of Fame and Museum for all the brothers who made the seventies more grooveable for brothers, but this place will do for Sly and his gang for now.

Another brother that was real hip to the soul-funk grooves was Stevie Wonder. This brother funked songs diggin' with love, personal achievment and when he's seriousing, political statements. These political statements usually jive about brothers' social conditions, like livin' in the ghetto and oppression by the Man. Dis place is carryin' all the rap on Stevie. Y'all can dig Stevie here, too.

George Clinton, "the Supreme Maggot Minister of Funkadelia" had his own style of Funk. Clinton and his groups Funkadelic and Parliament, or sometimes know as P-Funk grooved with an acid rock beat. Their sound was much harsher and heavier than most any other kind of funk. But of course, their style of Funk was grooveable.

Herbie Hancock has been makin' funk-jazz grooves since the '60s. This cat is the master of the white ivories (ya' dig?), especially electric piano. His infamous funk-jazz album, Headhunters, moves with traditional jazz improvisation, and grooves with the funk sound. Also, it is the best selling jazz album ever. He funkifies with many other albums and is still recording.

Jivin' about Herbie, he funked the theme song to the toon for young brother's, Fat Albert. Check out Funky's words on Fat Albert.

Y'all know this brother as the Godfather of Soul, and Soul Brother number 1. Some tag 'im as the Godfather of Funk. Funky B. don't care what you call 'im, just don't call 'im white. He's da hardest workin' man in show bizness, and his grooves got about all da soul and funk a brother can take. Check out all the rap on James Brown .

Funky B. will be bringing more groove cats to y'all, and they're all funky as Bootsy. So just chill tight, baby. In da meantime, check out da page with a bunch of funksters.


Blaxploitation films are another source of power and unity for brothers. It took until the seventies for the Man to allow brothers to make films about brothers (and sisters, too). Blaxploitation films always portray a brother in a low down position, put there by none other than the Man. These brothers don't take no jive from whitey, though. They use any means necessary to break free from their positioin and show the Man that he can't keep brothers down. These cats kept hope alive for the people during bad times. Besides that, these movies are just diggin'.

He's the dude that's got the plan to stick it to the Man. And, he's always got the shit. He's also carrying heat, with a real funky groove, ya' dig?

This is another bad dude, the baddest detective around.

The original rapper is mackin' here:

This flat's got all the Blaxploitation Movies for the brothers who dig more.


Jive is the talk that identifies brothers. It's an artistic form of talk, even though whitey don't want to believe it. It also funkifies speech. Some cats talk in pure, straight out jive and even if you're a brother, you'd need a dictionary to understand their smack. But Funky B. don't play all out jive. Otherwise, the Man ain't gonna understand him. And if the Man don't understand Funky B., the Man can't be scared. Ya' dig?

Now y'all can add yo' own jive to funkify this page even more.

Give yo'self a name:
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Or y'all can just check out Other Brothers' Jive.

If y'all don't know how to write in jive, this translator can do it for you. Just write yo' whitey words, or whatever, and they'll catch you on the rebound with yo' rap in jive.

DISCLAIMER: Y'all might not dig the jive you get back. But don't blame Funky B, baby. It ain't his fault. Funky B. don't have no connections to these jive makers.


Check out other funky links y'all can jive with.

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brothers have stuck it to the Man

Make a mark, y'all. The Man ain't left Funky B. with nothin' so he's funkifying this page for free. That's why they got whitey's ads trippin' us in these otha windows. Can ya' dig it? So, jes close all dat shits up and keep yo' eyes and mind on dis page.