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Other Brothers' Jive

Ahight, it's been a while since Funky's had a chance to funk-up dis page. But now dat da is moe popula wif da brothas and sistas, 'specially da young bloods, Funky's been gittin' a whole mess of raps sent his way. Course, some a dese be from foos who jes be writin' shit. Dey probably some honkey's finkin' dey down wif Funky B. But we know dey jes a bunch of triflin' wiggas. So, I ain't gonna botha showin' dey shit on dis page, unless dey gots sumpin' stupid dat needs pointin' out. If y'all have read da comments, y'all best rebound black shortly, cuz da new ones gonna be hangin' soon.

From: Wehrlass

His jive:'so whus smokn in da grill?

Funky's raphly: You know what's cookin'. Right now, der don't seem to be many brothas using whitey's toy. Dat's because the Man don't allow brothers to make money so dey can't afford all the luxuries. Dat's all gonna change, though.

From: Schuyler

His jive: I don't know.

Funky's raphly: What don't y'all know. You sound like whitey, so SHUT YO' BIG MOUF!


His jive: Pete's a pain in the ass.

Funky's raphly: Brendan's no brotha name. Which mean you whitey which mean you a pain in da ass, too.

From: malarky

His jive: Pat Powell is a disgusting freak

Funky's raphly: Who da hell is Pat Powell, and who da hell are you, whitey? If y'all ain't true to da movement, get da hell out a here!

From: fin

His jive: what does this do?

Funky's raphly: You is a stupid jive turkey. If y'all don't know what's happening, leave dis funky place and go to some flat for big fat honkies like y'all.

From: Zubin

His jive:

Funky's raphly: This boy be a real dumb honkey. He didn't say nuffin'. Why is some people so stupid?


His jive:dis is a hummer of a website

Funky's raphly: I don't know what hummer means because brothas don't say dat. It sounds baad, though, so Funky says right on, Brotha!

From:da hype creata

His jive: you got my nose wide open but what ya tryin fe tell a man

Funky's raphly: What da hell is you talkin' about? You jive wit some ghetto rap, but Funky gots doubts about yo' true brothahood. Like Funky said befoe, if y'all ain't true to da movement, get da hell out!

From: PeeGee

His jive: If it ain't funk (ykwis} ist niks boppe

Funky's raphly: Dat's what Funky be sayin'. But what da hell kind of brotha name is PeeGee?

From: D.J. Wink

His jive: how are things in the mid west

Funky's raphly:Same as dey are everywhere, man. Brothas being opressed by da Man, sometimes better known as whitey. But y'all know dat dat is changin'.

From: D.J. Wink

His jive: What up tho? What makes a man go crazy? Why is the other man watching me? What makes him so afraid to be around me?

Funky's raphly: I don't know what makes a man go crazy, but I tell y'all what makes a man angry: The Man. Why da man watchin' yo' ass? Cuz he's scared of you and all da brothas. Can ya' dig it? He should be scared cuz it won't be long till brothas have some powa too. And den things is gonna be different, ya dig? Keep it strong brotha!

From: Tayopa

Her jive: Hey Baby, it talks!

Funky's raphly:Baby, what it is you jivin' about? If you talkin' about da movement, you right, it does talk. But whitey ain't listenin'. But we must continue the movement and keep it strong, Sista. Dat's da only way things is gonna change.


From: Dis page is superfly t.n.t., baby. Funky B is schooled to the funky happenings. Whitey ain't nothin compared to dis pimpin shit.

Funky's raphly: Aw yeah! Man, you about the straightest brotha that's come to Funky's flat; tellin' all da otha brothas and sistas and da occasional honkey dat come in here what it is! Pass da word on: Funky's flat is da Superfly shit!

From:Coffin Todd

His jive: FUnky My black ass! Howe you gonna beat the man and his whity establishment from behind yo damn coputer! I knows Caddy I works with caddy and if he threw his shit on yo funky flat and you wrote back in two hours what kinda Funk can you be doing in the Real World! Funk That!

Funky's raphly: For a real short time, Funky jived some shits back at Coffin Todd that was insulting and disrespectful to him. But den Funky realized that by sayin' such things, Funky wasn't being any cooler then all them people out there who are prejudiced to whomever because of certain characterstics one might have. So Funky decided to change his raphly. Let Funky answer Coffin Todd's questions. First of all, Funky ain't gonna beat the Man. We are. Secondly, the only way he can be beat is if we organize and organization requires communication and that's what Funky uses the computer for. Lastly, what does Funky do in the "Real World?" Funky assumes that by the "Real World" you mean what outside of the realm of the computer does Funky do. Funky is gettin' an education because he realizes that violence will not solve the problem intelligence can definitely help. Funky is gonna assume that Coffin Todd is intelligent enough to understand that. So what do you have to say now, Coffin Todd?

From:247 aka miguel

His jive: i ain't need to discuss this more wit ya'll, this rad ass pad ya got here. thats bout all i feel the urge to say. no body but you got a fuckin A place like this.

Funky's raphly: Fanks fo yo support, brotha. But remember, Funky ain't got dis page just fo y'all to admire. Learn about yo culture from dis flat, and use dis knowledge to help da cause. Keep it real and pass da word on!


His jive: 'sup all you dawgs. i knows thers a lot a yall brothers ain't know the Lord. the reason yous all complainin is cause you ain't got no relationship wit da Lord. trust me, if yall get a TRUE relationship wit Him, yo troubles go 'way, o at least seem small. check it out!

Funky's raphly: Brotha, it's good to have fait in somefing, but Funky (and many brothas like him) place his fiat in somefing more tangible--himself. Funky don't condemn you because of yo belief in a supreme being dat rules ova all. Y'all keep yo' fait if dat's what works fo' you. But Funky finks dat personal achievment is da ansa and so dat's what he strives fo'.


Funky I's just gots ta say, youse right about personal achievement, cause dats da way brotha. An ya right about da place of violence in the movement: there ain't none. Keep it strong an superfly like always, an all the brothas an sistas will come ta dis pimpin page!

Funky's raphly: Yo, fanks man. Funky knows dis is all worf it if just one ova brotha likes what Funky be doin'. Too bad dere some many ova you bloods and punks who don't believe in Funky and don't fink da way Funky and Cadillac do. Cadi, make sho you tell all y'all brothas and sistas about da place. As you can tell, Funky don't much traffic in dis flat, probably 'cuz people be afra It don't have to be like dat doe. Keep it alive, and don't take no jive from da Man!

A special message to Cadillac: Yo man, next time you come here, send Funky yo' email address. He won't put it up here but he would like to jive wif you in private.

Funky would like to take this space as an opportunity to address all those visitors to his page dat disrespect, insult or question the authenticity or commitment of Funky B. Funky B. would just like to say that anyone who judges Funky B. without knowing him is the exact kind of person whom he is tryin' to fight against. These people come in all forms, and all colors. If you're not helping to solve the problem, then you're part of it.

As soon as other brothas or sistas send some more jive, y'all can read it here.

If y'all don't know how to write in jive, this translator can do it for you. Just write yo' white words, or whatever, and they'll catch you on the rebound with the jive.

DISCLAIMER: Y'all might not dig the jive you get back. But don't blame Funky B., baby. It ain't his fault. Funky B. don't have no connections to these jive makers.

Roll back to Funky B.'s flat.