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If y'all got time, check out this cat's page. MC Bascomb is stickin' it to the Man, ghetto style. Can ya' dig it?

Dis dude be down wif dat white hoe da Baroness . Funky don't quite undastand dat, but he a brotha, and he's down. It's all good.

Or check out the dudes jivin' at Polyester, the threads material of choice. These dudes are flyin' high. But that don't matter 'cause they're hip to the movement.

BET is the only network out there souly for brothers.

Even though dis cat don't have an original tag, his flat is funky. Check it out, y'all.

Dis brotha be sportin' a nastay page about da Isley Brothas. Funky didn't jive about da Isley Brothas in his main page, but dat's ah-ight, baby, cuz y'all can read about dem here

Check out da shmack dis cat is gettin'. Funky think he wrote to Funky once but didn't say nuffin' so he probably deserves it.

Easy, baby. More links will come as soon as Funky B. finds some that are of the proper funkitude.

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